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D.O.B. 02-01-1994

Goddard Farm Simbah


Sire’s Sire:  AI +*B Goddard Farm Odie

Sire:  *B Nickel’s Osage Orange

Sire’s Dam:  SGCH 4*M Dale-Haven M.T. Laurel


Dam’s Sire:  +*B GCH Split-Creek Spinning Top

Dam:  2*M Goddard Farm Bambi

Dam’s Dam:  1*M Goddard Farm Dominique



DOB:  3/29/07  M1421433


Goddard Farm Noah


    Sire’s Sire:  +*B Nickel’s Osage Orange

SIRE: *B Goddard Farm Chocolate Uncle

    Sire’s Dam:  3*M Goddard Farm Cataloupe


    Dam’s Sire:  +*B Nickel’s Osage Orange

DAM:   4* Goddard Farm Misty

    Dam’s Dam:  3*M Goddard Farm Raspberry


DOB:  3-8-11                   REG#:  N1548814


Hoanbu Rush Worth The Wait


    Sire’s Sire:  *B Lakeshore Bold Endeavor

SIRE: Lakeshore No Need To Rush

    Sire’s Dam:  6*M Lakeshore Ace Risque


    Dam’s Sire: AI +*B Hoanbu Tamoon Broad Stripes

DAM:  1*M SGCH Hoanbu Stripes Caravelle Misty

    Dam’s Dam:  AI  Hoanbu OJ Croix Caravelle


         DOB:  3-3-13                      REG#:  N1660027


*B Hoanbu BLF Corona

Sire’s Sire:  AI + *B GCH Lakeshore Ace Bellagio

SIRE: CH *B Hoanbu Downtown Bellefontaine

               Sire’s Dam:  4*M Hoanbu LR Dancing Downtown


            Dam’s Sire:  *B Lakeshore AC Kool Water

DAM:  1*M GCH Skyview KW Pretty In Pink

            Dam’s Dam:  Skyview LR Sixteen Candles


DOB:  3/08/2020                            REG#:  N2085875


Goddard Farm Mr. Mayor

Sire’s Sire:  Foremost Smooth Future

SIRE: Goddard Farm Spartacus

               Sire’s Dam:  4*M Goddard Farm Perpetua


            Dam’s Sire:  +B Foremost Flash's Sparky

DAM:  5* M Goddard Farm Angels Among Us

            Dam’s Dam:  4*M Goddard Farm Bibingka


DOB:  3/18/22                                    REG#:  PN2288308

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