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2023 Breeding List

Last year, we reduced our herd for various reasons and this year will be a rebuilding year for us.  We will be reserving all or most doelings born this year.  We hope you will understand.

Reed Farm Beauty  bred to Goddard Farm Mr. Mayor - Due April 2nd, 2023

Reed Farm Liberty bred to DKGH Reign Beau - Due March 15, 2023

Quarter Mile Autumn bred to Goddard Farm Rebel - Due April 3rd, 2023

Reed Farm Joy bred to Goddard Farm Mr. Mayor - Due April 2nd, 2023


Reed Farm Terms of Sale


Thank you for your interest in our animals. We hope we can provide you with that doe or buck that you’ve been looking for. If you do see a breeding that you like, please make your reservation early. Reservations will be recorded in the order that they are received. We require a deposit of $100 for your reservation.  Because we are continuously attempting to improve our herd, we do reserve the right to select herd replacements before filling orders. Existing animals offered for sale will be available until payment in full is received. Any prices quoted are for animals only and do not include any additional fees such as registration and/or transfer fees. We invite you to call or email with any questions. We also welcome you to visit our farm. Thanks again for your interest and best wishes for a wonderful year with your animals!







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